How to Write Powerful CV for Job – Make a Professional Resume

How to Write Powerful CV for Job – Make a Professional Resume is a complete guide which teach you each and everything to write a perfect CV. Creating your CV is your first step to getting a job. For this, you must know how to write powerful resume for job?This is a step by step guide to make a professional resume, which makes your CV attractive and engage employers to read your resume in details.

What is a Professional Resume?

A resume or CV is a summary of your work experience and educational record include your personal information. Employers read your CV to analyze your skills and to decide that you fit with that job or not. It is very important to make your resume professionally which gives good representation of your skills and yourself too. Here is step by step guide about how to write powerful resume for job, which will lead you to make a professional CV:

1. Decide Type of Resume:

There are hundreds of CV templates available online. At first look, it seems each resume template is different. So, how can you choose an exact type of resume to make a professional CV for your job?

No need to be confuse with different types of latest resume templates. In actual, there are only three following types of resumes:

  • Chronological Resume
  • Functional Resume
  • Combinational Resume

Have a look on the description of each type of professional CV template below here and choose best one to make your resume. If you are applying for multiple jobs, you can also merge different types of resume to make a powerful CV for job, especially when you are creating resume for first job.

Chronological Resume:

This is the old and traditional format of resume in which you show your skills and other information in the order of list. This type of resume commonly appeals to older employers and good for conservative fields.


This type of resume commonly uses to attract employer at first look, because in such resume you write your skills first. This type of resume templates is good if you are changing your profession and want to impress reader with your skills, because the main focus of such types of CV is to only represent your skills. Your work experience and education in not the main focus in such type of resumes templates.

Combinational Resume

It is one of the favorite template type of resume by people who apply for job. Such type of resumes combines the best features of both chronological and functional resume templates. You need to be careful while writing such resume because resume length will automatically be long when you merge different parts of Chronological and Functional resume templates to make a powerful CV for job.

2. Create Header:

A header contains your name and phone number include your email address. You can also add your mailing address in header. Remember, only add your active and personal phone number there because missing a phone call of job interview impacts a very bad impression on employers.

It is also important to add your professional email address. If your current email address is or, never mention such email addresses in your CV. Set up a new email address with your original name, because employers want to see you and everything connected with you Professional.

3. Write Summary:

Summary is useful to explain that why are you applying for this job and why are you suitable in this department?

Summarize your work experience with relevant skills in this portion. Don’t forget to keep it simple and strong by writing very specific and to the point about your experience and skills according to the position where you are going to apply with this CV.

If you don’t have any work experience, no need to worry. Just explain about yourself include education and skills and make employers inspire with yourself by telling them that “how”and “how much” you are perfect and suitable for this job.

4. Make a List of Your Experience:

Make a list of your work experience and start with your current or most recent job. List your previous work experience below it from recent job to old one.

In this section, you show that where you have worked with exact time period of job. At this section, your resume can be longer than a page.Don’t worry, list all of your experience step by step and must mention your relevant work experience with strong words.

It is not necessary to only mention your full time work experience, if you have any part time work experience or you have completed one or more projects relevant to the job, also mention them here to make your CV powerful.

5. Make a List of Your Skills:

This is one of the most powerful section of your resume. Here you show your skills, strengths and individuality. Remember, mention most relevant skills to the job first. Better to explain your skills too for example how you learned them and how good you are in that skills? Must make them clear, short and to the point.

6. Make a List of Your Education:

Here you have to show your educational record. Remember to start with the most recent one. It is better to showtheir details likeCGPA or special awards.

If you have other educational experiences like training programs, seminars, short courses and so on, must mention them there, even they don’t match with that job.

7. Make a List of Your Activities:

This section shows your personality, so be careful while writing about your activities. Think you are an employer then people with which type of personality according to their skills you think more suitable to that job.

It is not necessary to show extra ordinary activities here.List all positive activities in which you have participatedand show your interests, which could impress employers that you are the person with good and positive personality.

This is all about How to Write Powerful CV for Job – Make a Professional Resume. We assure that after following all above mention steps, you can easily make your resume for job free. Remember, you have to write each and everything real, to the point and specific in each section. Start every section with most recent or most relevant to the job. So that, employers could see and read your resume as a professional resume format.

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